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Founders - Get expert advice on how to take your business to market - fast

Vital Few is a team of experienced professionals especially recruited to address the needs of a start-up business. 
We become your expert management team to increase the likelihood you get funded. We are a non-traditional boutique consulting firm and value-add software provider.

We provide increased likelihood of obtaining funding and allow you to focus on your core competencies and company focus, and establish your business's operational foundation.  Key Performance Indicators are captured, monitored and reported from first day.

We provide all the essential requirements to establish your foundation for success.  Our guarantee is faster time to market, which converts to a more solid foundation.  We establish the tools and processes needed so you have a performance dashboard from the beginning!
You can expect to be the champion of your dream without becoming an employee in your company.

You will be able to continue your focus on your great idea without being dragged into the mechanics of setting up the business. As a result of the software and professional services we provide, you will have the complete foundation to continue to grow your business after we leave, and maintain complete control over your company.